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Windows After yesterday's TV advertisement, Microsoft finally unveiled the pricing for its Surface tablet - the ARM Windows RT version that is. The cheapest Surface - 32GB without touch cover - will set you back $499. They're aiming straight for iPad pricing here, ignoring the popular cheaper Android offerings. Update: only available in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and the United States. As usual.
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Edit: MS requires every Windows 8 ARM tablet to be locked down in hardware. If you're not ok with a corporation telling you how you should be allowed to use your own devices, then don't be a hypocrite, encourage people not to buy into these closed platforms.

It is an integrated consumer product. The argument you guys make is like saying a washing machine, a car's internal computer, digital watch or television shouldn't tied to a product.

Some of these devices have computing power now that were thousands of times better than what we had in the 80s and 90s.

The argument is ridiculous and stupid. A not point is "developer or poweruser" hardware going to go away for the same reason the mainframe and servers haven't dissapeared. It just turning into more of a niche product and the market will decide.

Also unlike Apple's App shop, Microsoft lets you decide the pricing model.

What we are seeing is the industry growing up.

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