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Microsoft Microsoft's applied sciences department manager Stevie Bathich explains why the 1366x768 Surface RT screen is actually better than the iPad's Retina display - fancy display technology talk. Conclusion? "Doing a side by side with the new iPad in a consistently lit room, we have had many people see more detail on Surface RT than on the iPad with more resolution." I'm sure there's some truth behind the sciency talk, but I highly doubt that the Surface's display bests the iPad's. Seeing is believing, but since The Netherlands is not important, I won't get the opportunity to compare for a long time to come.
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Marketing Bullshit
by Ford Prefect on Wed 17th Oct 2012 06:01 UTC
Ford Prefect
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Increasing resolution does not decrease contrast. That's just a downright lie. The hardware construction of the display and how you try minimize reflections on the display also does not have anything to do with the resolution. You could still use a higher-DPI display within Microsofts design.

A display of that low resolution is just cheap and a significant lack of screen real estate. It's funny that they now call their marketing people "applied science". But it doesn't change the facts. And they tell that one of the weaknesses of Surface is a low, somewhat outdated screen resolution.

I love the fanboy who wrote the article btw.: "Personally I am somewhat glad Microsoft chose not to pursue Appleā€™s helter-skelter specs race, which they pursued for resolution and now for processor speed" hahaha. Because actually providing some value for the money you spend is a bad thing!

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