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Microsoft Microsoft's applied sciences department manager Stevie Bathich explains why the 1366x768 Surface RT screen is actually better than the iPad's Retina display - fancy display technology talk. Conclusion? "Doing a side by side with the new iPad in a consistently lit room, we have had many people see more detail on Surface RT than on the iPad with more resolution." I'm sure there's some truth behind the sciency talk, but I highly doubt that the Surface's display bests the iPad's. Seeing is believing, but since The Netherlands is not important, I won't get the opportunity to compare for a long time to come.
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RE: Comment by ssokolow
by przemo_li on Wed 17th Oct 2012 08:53 UTC in reply to "Comment by ssokolow"
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Their screen is "retinal".

By Apple definition.

This is when you reverse engineer Apple declarations about "RETINA" for first iPhones that got them, you get numbers of DPI at USAGE DISTANCE.

Surface have similar ratio of DPI at USAGE DISTANCE.

So you benefit from higher iPad resolution only in 2 cases:

1) For some strange reason you use your tablet closer than usual.
2) You are those lucky 30% or so of population that have better eyes than those used for defining "RETINA", but there are high chances that iPad is still over kill for you.

So for 70% of population, for the most usage scenarios Surface HEAVE RETINA DISPLAY.

PS Why Apple gave bigger res? So apps scale well, cause iOS can't do it well.

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