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Privacy, Security, Encryption Kaspersky is working on its own secure operating system for highly specialised tasks. "We're developing a secure operating system for protecting key information systems (industrial control systems) used in industry/infrastructure. Quite a few rumors about this project have appeared already on the Internet, so I guess it's time to lift the curtain (a little) on our secret project and let you know (a bit) about what's really going on." More here.
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Comment by quackalist
by quackalist on Thu 18th Oct 2012 00:41 UTC
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Was reading the blog earlier and though it seemed to make sense.....who wouldn't want critical systems to be secure though I did think his " And then there are some details that will remain for certain customers’ eyes only forever, to ward off cyber-terrorist abuses." somewhat contradictory as the clearest example of "cyber-terrorist abuses" have come from some of those selfsame "customers" and unless the OS is secure from their eyes it might as well not exist. Anyway, if its not secure unless by 'obscurity', if you can't trust those in the know not to leak or use that info nefariously, than can it be secure?

Not claiming any great knowledge on how to secure OS's, not at all, it just seems not quite right.

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