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Windows "This may be a good sign for Microsoft: a little over a day after putting its new Surface RT tablet up for pre-order, the entry-level $499 version of the tablet has sold out. Its estimated shipping time has slipped from October 26, Windows 8's release date, to a more nebulous 'within three weeks'." We'll see. Wouldn't be the first time a company artificially keeps supply short to generate 'sold-out' hype.
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RE: Maybe not this time.
by DOSguy on Thu 18th Oct 2012 16:36 UTC in reply to "Maybe not this time."
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why is beyond me

the break with win32 on RT might prove to be a very good move in the long run. Devices where battery preservation is critical, are not served with lazily ported Windows applications.
Yes, this means there will not be a large number of apps in the beginning, but if these tables sell reasonably well this won't be a problem for very long.

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