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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless It's a long read - but totally and utterly worth it. After interviewing ten former and current Nokia employees, and combining their insider information with publicly available information, Sampsa Kurri has written a long and detailed article about the history of Maemo and MeeGo within Nokia, and everything that went wrong - which is a lot. It's sad tale, one that reads almost like a manual on how to not run a large company. Still, between the bad decisions and frustrations, there's a red thread of hope that leads to Jolla.
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RE[6]: Remember...
by zima on Thu 18th Oct 2012 23:55 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Remember..."
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> How many versions of Symbian are there?
Not bothering to support old hardware with new software releases is a common, although indeed despicable thing to do. I don't think it matters so much to the vast majority of end users in the end

Though I don't think Nokia can be really blamed much for this one, throughout most of Symbian history - the times when mobile hardware was making great leaps (proportionally) across generations. Probably a) last year hw would be typically to weak, anyway b) the OS was quickly accreting features (which ultimately contributed to its downfall, IMHO - at the beginning, S60 wasn't that much more than S40, for the user, and fitting the hardware of the time; but eventually it outgrew that UI model)

Plus I've heard Symbian isn't particularly flexible or comfortable when adapting it to new hardware - might explain why later models were stuck, or little hardware variety within generation. Or that no Chinese manufacturer picked it up, they all went Android.

> Why does a version exist with touch?
It seems that there are enough people out there who like the feeling of fondling a greasy LCD for there to be a significant market for this. The question to ask in this case would probably be that of why it took them so long to release it and get it right.

S60 probably shouldn't be made touch in the first place - how it was for the first 2 years or so (S60v5, on the popular 5800, 5230), it possibly alienated many people.

>The fact that the N9 exists at all is a testament to the fact that someone paired down the specs for once and tried to make a product without the entire LINUX kitchen sink included out of the box.
And since this is a very painful thing to do once your brain is stuck in the endless nefarious cycle of development hell, I was applauding the ones who did this.

But was that what the engineering types wanted?... ;P

PS. Surely you joke here ...Vista, failure? It still has more users than all OSX, and an order of magnitude more than Linux. So some ~fans wanted to see something in how Nokia doesn't announce sales numbers ...but Nokia wasn't ever very forthcoming per-model about them.

Generally, this approach of "it's their fault" WRT Elop - while the article shows wide institutional issues in which plenty of engineers surely also played a role. Above in the sub-thread there's "it was one of the few remaining tech companies with engineers in power" and yet we still put the blame at "the management" - at "them"...

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