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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Things ain't going well for Nokia. Their quarterly results are - again - a disaster, and Lumia sales have dropped 28% (50% if you look at just the US). Windows Phone 8 is really going to be a make-it-or-break-it kind of thing. If it doesn't go well, the company might consider going back to focussing on rubber boots.
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by Nelson on Fri 19th Oct 2012 07:21 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by Nelson"
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Like losing most of your customers and killing of your company?

Is there a source for "losing most of your customers"? Sure, sales declined YoY, but they still sold a boatload of phones last quarter.

Devices and Services margins are looking up though, and Q4 guidance indicates they will look even better next quarter.

Nokia is far from dead. In fact, it is now possible to see at least a light at the end of the tunnel.

But yes, small mistakes in the great scheme of things like growing the WP ecosystem (even if it actually declined when watching past 2012)!

"Keep course. The ice rock will sidestep and if not, its only a small mistake in the great scheme of things!" says the captain of the titanic.

I don't know what you mean? And look, let's cut the bullshit. Nokia was in a clear, dramatic, and rapid free fall prior to Mr. Elop taking control of the company.

However, under Mr. Elop Nokia has returned to profitability. He's put a ground under the free fall. Say what you want, but the cash conservation in Nokia is extremely good.

Location has risen in profitability, Nokia Siemens is profitable, the Average Selling Price of Smart Phones rose 18% YoY, they sold 6.5 million Ashas, 3 million Lumias during the line up sunset, and are on the eve of a monumental launch of their next flag ship Lumia phones.

So maybe in your invented reality, Mr. Elop made huge and terrible mistakes. However, in real life, he actually saved Nokia. History will vindicate him.

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