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Windows Interesting little tidbit from the Reddit AMA session with Microsoft's Surface team. One Redditor wondered just how much disk space Windows RT takes up - in other words, if you buy the 32GB Surface RT tablet, how much space is left for your stuff? It turns out that while Windows 8 RT is considerably smaller than its Windows 7 x86 predecessor, it's still huge by mobile standards.
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Windows is notorious for this
by siki_miki on Fri 19th Oct 2012 20:35 UTC
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It is also known to grows in size over time.
This can be because of installation files being left over even if the application is uninstalled.
To make it worse, there is no easy way to know which installation files can be removed (already uninstalled apps for example) and which are needed(e.g. to uninstall app or add a component - which is a bad way to deal with it anyway)

WinRT uses the new application store, so maybe it no longer suffers from this, but it was certainly not the only reason why Windows takes up way too much space. It looks like vast disk space on modern machines spoiled OS developers too much, especially as dumping information to disk is sometimes an easy workaround over a more complex problem.

Btw. are there going to be 16GB WinRT tablets? I hope not.

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