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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ubuntu 12.10 has been released, sporting the rather... Interesting tagline 'Avoid the pain of Windows 8'. Two main features are that websites can now be treated as actual applications, integrating them into Unity. The divide between local and online content when searching has also been softened, which, they claim, makes it easier to find what you're looking for. On the server side, it includes the Folsom release of OpenStack, "Cinder, for block storage and Quantum, a virtual networking API. Ubuntu's Metal-as-a-Service bare-metal provisioning tool has been updated and now supports Calxeda hyperscale hardware based on ARM".
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by lemur2 on Sat 20th Oct 2012 04:27 UTC in reply to "RE[8]: ..."
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You're just trying to insinuate that F/OSS - applications that run only on Linux are better than ones that run also on Windows, which is actually rather insulting towards the whole F/OSS - movement. There's PLENTY of completely free, open-source software for Windows, too, but you just keep on jabbering that if one's running Windows one has to buy closed-source ones because the free ones aren't up to the snuff unless they run on Linux.

Do you even realize how much of a hypocrite that makes you? Your behaviour is exactly the kind of behaviour that's frowned upon everywhere and you don't even realize it yourself.

Many, but by no means all, of the best-of-breed desktop software for Linux that I use happens to run on Linux only.

Here is one great best-of-FOSS application that happens to run on Windows also:
and to give an indication of quality, here is the latest example of its output:

There are plenty of examples of both types, some have Windows versions, some do not.

My point stands ... I can still get a great set of best-of-breed Linux desktop applications, and a machine to run them on, for half the cost and one tenth of the trouble and my time consumed, than I can get a similar set of the same quality and capability, and run with the same security on Windows running on the exact same hardware.

OK, so I won't count LibreOffice, blender, GIMP, VLC or whatever other good FOSS software that you want that you can also get on Windows, but in my accounting I will count: Digikam+Krita vs Photoshop, Cantor+Octave vs MATLAB, I will count nothing vs McAfee, I will count Calligra Flow and Kexi vs Visio and MS Access, and so on.

You of course do not have to believe me, but your lack of belief has no impact whatsoever on my bank balance. Regardless of what you might like to tell yourself, I will still end up paying far less than you for my best-of-breed desktop experience, and saving myself a huge amount of my time in its update, maintenance and upgrade.

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