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Apple "Looking at the stats for all our apps (we have 4 universal apps with almost 3 million downloads) and for all versions after a month gives an interesting picture." Close to 70% is on iOS 6 already. In the meantime, Sony just announced it's going to leave loads of users in the cold by not upgrading their phones to Jelly Bean. Those that do have an update in the pipeline will have to wait until next year.
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RE[10]: Interesting but...
by helf on Sat 20th Oct 2012 15:09 UTC in reply to "RE[9]: Interesting but..."
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While I am finding this entire thread ridiculous, I can't resist giving my 2c.

First off, the playbook is more akin to one of the previous posters saying "would you call linux running wine windows?" that anything. Since it is just a compatibility layer on top of blackberries OS that allows android apps to function.

The xbox analogy is horrible. As you just said "modified windows 2000 kernel". *modified* and *kernel*. The fire is running the full set of Android APIs and just has a different launcher running. That is MASSIVELY different and claiming otherwise is disingenuous at best.

Now, as for the Kindle. There is a HUGE difference between whether something is actually NOT something or whether you cant call it something simply because it isn't officially supported...

The Fire *is* running Android. It just isn't sanctioned/supported by Google. You all basically just killed a huge portion of the Android usage statistics by claiming otherwise because ANY device not running Google apps is now "not Android". Like my Entourage eDGe ereader that is running Android 2.2 or any number of cheap tablets/phones that have been spit out.

This entire argument is smacking of people that are anal retentive and have too much time on their hands.

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