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Windows Interesting little tidbit from the Reddit AMA session with Microsoft's Surface team. One Redditor wondered just how much disk space Windows RT takes up - in other words, if you buy the 32GB Surface RT tablet, how much space is left for your stuff? It turns out that while Windows 8 RT is considerably smaller than its Windows 7 x86 predecessor, it's still huge by mobile standards.
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RE: Good reasons or bad excuses?
by lucas_maximus on Sun 21st Oct 2012 16:51 UTC in reply to "Good reasons or bad excuses?"
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A very of Windows only doesn't support drivers that weren't available at the time of release.

Most of my hardware comes from the Vista era, so everything has a standard driver. I usually make sure I get the updated Nvidia Driver for my graphics card.

The same statement would be valid to any distro released image or BSD install image. If the hardware is newer than the OS disk you are installing it from, you will have to newer drivers or use very generic (VESA etc).

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