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Windows Interesting little tidbit from the Reddit AMA session with Microsoft's Surface team. One Redditor wondered just how much disk space Windows RT takes up - in other words, if you buy the 32GB Surface RT tablet, how much space is left for your stuff? It turns out that while Windows 8 RT is considerably smaller than its Windows 7 x86 predecessor, it's still huge by mobile standards.
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by Yoko_T on Sun 21st Oct 2012 19:19 UTC in reply to "Comment by kurkosdr"
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Android has it's own share of brain damage when it comes to storage. Storage space is divided into pieces (partitions) of fixed size (why not just have folders?). Did the partition the apps go to fill up? It doesn't matter if you have plenty of free space in the other partitions. No more apps for you. Did the /sdcard partition (where your user data go) filled up? You can't use any of those free GBs the other partitions have.

So, OEMs have a balance of ying and yang to do, with the more space they give to apps, the less is available for photos, vids and the like. This is back to the dark ages of Unix partitions, even linux doesn't require a seperate partition for system anymore. It uses folders. My dad's Xperia U has only 4GB of it's 8GB available for user data *sigh*

PS: Yes I know most apps can install most of their stuff to /sdcard, but Android's partitions are stiil brain damaged, and OEMs still give huge sizes to the other partitions, thinking they are doing the user a service.

And you think that there's actually something wrong with this? If you do, then more fool you.

We had the kind of filesystem layout like you're "advocating" on things called Floppy Disks and you were really and totally screwed when your OS system files got trashed in one fashion or another.

There's a reason they got moved into their own partitions, and it looks like losers like yourself are going to have to learn *THAT* lesson all over again.

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