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Windows "I've been writing about Windows for almost 20 years, and I feel like I've kind of seen it all. But for the past several days, I've been struggling under the weight of the most brutal email onslaught I've ever endured over these two decades. And if my email is any indication, and I believe it is, the majority of people out there have absolutely no idea what Windows RT is. This is a problem." When even Paul Thurrot is worried, you can be sure it is, actually, a problem. We're going to see and hear about a lot of frustrated customer who can't load up their 1997 copy of Awesome Garden Designer 2.0 Deluxe.
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RE[2]: Windoes RT != Windows
by tanzam75 on Sun 21st Oct 2012 21:48 UTC in reply to "RE: Windoes RT != Windows"
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That's not entirely true. I know a lot of people that bought Windows 2000 as the logical upgrade to Windows 98 and found that half their apps would not run. They didn't realize that Me was the proper upgrade path for 9x users.

Well, that wasn't their fault, was it? It's Microsoft's fault, for naming it Windows 2000 instead of Windows NT 5.0.

In the present situation, it's not difficult to call it the "Surface OS." Didn't people use to make fun of Microsoft's long product names? Here's one place where it could actually help. The x86 version would be "Windows 8, with support for Surface applications."


Windows 2000 was originally supposed to be the OS that unified the legacy and NT lines. In other words, it was supposed to be XP. The unification took longer than planned, so Microsoft released it, but kept the name.

By doing this, they ended up without a name for the successor to Windows 98, and had to call it Millennium. And then because of the spiffy name for ME, they had to name the unification OS XP. Then Vista, and we finally end up right back where we were before Windows 95, with Windows 7. Just when some sanity seems to have returned, Windows RT. Just wait until Windows 9 -- will it be RT 2.0 or RT 9.0?

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