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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ubuntu 12.10 has been released, sporting the rather... Interesting tagline 'Avoid the pain of Windows 8'. Two main features are that websites can now be treated as actual applications, integrating them into Unity. The divide between local and online content when searching has also been softened, which, they claim, makes it easier to find what you're looking for. On the server side, it includes the Folsom release of OpenStack, "Cinder, for block storage and Quantum, a virtual networking API. Ubuntu's Metal-as-a-Service bare-metal provisioning tool has been updated and now supports Calxeda hyperscale hardware based on ARM".
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by lemur2 on Sun 21st Oct 2012 23:01 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: ..."
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In more than a decade of using Windows I've only delved into the registry a couple of times. In both cases it was to tweak some obscure setting and there was a simple and straightforward guide to follow to achieve what I wanted.

In Linux I've had to spend hours reading poorly written documentation and editing config files to achieve basic things that would take a couple of clicks in Windows.

Obviously I'm just talking about my experiences with Windows and Linux. YMMV.

You aren't doing it right. Choose a desktop (such as Ubuntu) which is oriented to giving a good desktop experience to non-expert users, and you will have a good experience as a non-expert user. Choose a system which experts (suppliers) will certify runs Linux (by being prepared to sell it to you pre-installed), and you will not have to edit a single config file in a decade.

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