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Linux Here's a topic guaranteed to start controversy. Which Linux distribution is best? It all depends on your criteria for judging. Even then the topic is highly subjective. Here are a few nominees for "best distro" in specific categories.
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Comment by marcp
by marcp on Mon 22nd Oct 2012 11:57 UTC
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Ubuntu may be popular, but it's certainly NOT a best one out there in terms of usability, ease of use, available software, openness [in terms of freedom - libre].

Besides - it is based on Debian. I don't see Debian here. Without Debian Ubuntu would probobly exist in different shape and form - maybe with RPM as its underlying package management [and that would be - potentially - tragedy]. Pay some respect to Debian, it really deserves it.

Debian itself is pretty decent OS [at least testing]. It beats Ubuntu on the fields of performance, modularity, customizability. It's also community oriented project, so it DOES RESPECT YOUR FREEDOM [unlike Ubuntu - which only gives you gratis product].
It means you are not forced to use anything you don't like and you always have choice. You are not presented with some crappy UI in the first place. You choose your working environment that suits you best.
Besides - Debian was one of the first distros out there. Don't know about you, but I trust it to be good, stable and fast and it does the job right.

Arch is also cool, but it takes too much attention of the user. It makes you a constant tinkerer, and upgrades are in fact PITA, because it requires you to merge some *.pacnews everytime you got any change. Some things should be done automatically, otherwise you can - as well - use LFS, which probobly does not make any sense for most users.

I don't understand why people praise Puppy Linux so much. It is ugly, it is chaotic, it is clumsy and unintuitive. To me it's a 'punk rocker's distro in a clean IT scene'.

I also don't get it why PIV must be described as an old cpu ... come on. I run it for many years without any problems. I got full-blown XFCE4 desktop with many widgets, apps, and tasks in the backgroud and it works just fine. It's true that I don't consume mass media, videos, etc, but it workds just fine. It certainly doesn't require me to run some specially crafted "linux distro for old/ancient PCs". The only thing it actually lacks is a VT extension, but I got it on my other machines, so I use it if I virtualize server instances, etc.

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