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Linux Here's a topic guaranteed to start controversy. Which Linux distribution is best? It all depends on your criteria for judging. Even then the topic is highly subjective. Here are a few nominees for "best distro" in specific categories.
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RE[2]: hard to decide
by Sabon on Tue 23rd Oct 2012 16:23 UTC in reply to "RE: hard to decide"
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"Has anyone changed distros to something that wasn't a parent/derivative of your old distro and stuck with it?

Since you asked, I would love to tell you about my Linux history! (doesn't every Linux nerd?) ;)
I was introduced to Linux using Mandrake.
I learned Linux using Slackware.
I discovered package management using Debian.
I took a break and used the user friendly Ubuntu.
I became passionate about software freedom using gNewSense.
I keep current and in control using Arch Linux.
I used each of those distributions for at least about a year. I've been using the same installation of Arch Linux for three years now.

I remember Mandrake. I think it was the third or fourth that I used. I started out with Corel Linux though. And they had (and I still have the CDs for both) Word Perfect for Linux. I really liked Word Perfect (still like it more than Word) and used it work DOS and UNIX and thought it was really cool there was a version for Linux. It didn't last long though.

Most of the versions for Linux I used aren't listed here and don't exist anymore. Then I dropped out of Linux.

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