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Legal "Samsung's got to be pretty happy right about now, after learning that the US Patent and Trademark Office has filed an initial ruling declaring Apple's rubber-banding patent invalid, as reported by FOSS Patents. The news was good enough that Samsung decided to share it with friends, that is, if US Federal Judge Lucy Koh can be considered a friend. According to the ruling, which Florian Mueller says isn't final, all 20 claims of Apple's patent (No. 7,469,381) are now invalid, including one that the iPhone maker had leveraged against Samsung in their recent legal showdown. The office found that Apple's invention was either anticipated by prior art (from Lira and Ording) or, in some cases, simply obvious." One down, 93485763827563856 to go.
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Excellent news
by crystall on Tue 23rd Oct 2012 23:50 UTC
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I think this is excellent news and not only because of its direct implication. The good part of it is that it might be the beginning of a landslide. Apple is only one of the heavyweights that have been using ridiculous patents in legal battles, a number of other companies and patent-trolls did use them as well, and maybe this time they pushed it too far. They've pushed it so far that it seems some scrutiny is finally coming to them.

And if scrutiny comes a lot of these patents will be invalidated turning what are now menacing war-chests of patents into mountains of worthless paper. And that would do a lot of good to this industry, killing patent-trolls in the process and re-opening a number of research fields that nobody dares to approach right now because of fear of litigation from the incumbents.

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