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X11, Window Managers Wayland 1.0 was officialy released on October 22. Wayland is a protocol for a compositor to talk to its clients as well as a C library implementation of that protocol. The compositor can be a standalone display server running on Linux kernel modesetting and evdev input devices, an X application, or a wayland client itself. The clients can be traditional applications, X servers (rootless or fullscreen) or other display servers.
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by ssokolow on Wed 24th Oct 2012 01:14 UTC in reply to "Comment by stabbyjones"
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Now that I've seen they're aiming for network transparency in some form I would really like to try it out when it starts hitting repos.

As long as I can ssh a nautilus window from home at work I'll give wayland a go.
While X is better than it was when I started using Linux, it doesn't get enough money/attention to keep up.

Hopefully wayland can keep it simple.

Agreed. With network transparency on the plans, I'm cautiously optimistic but I'll wait until I can see how good a job KWin does of ignoring clients' attempts to use client-side window decorations.

I've seen far too much pain and suffering from Windows, where a busy app can block itself from being moved, resized, refocused, or minimized.

As is, it feels as if Linux might be the only platform REgressing rather than PROgressing when it comes to not trusting applications to be perfect.

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