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Linux Here's a topic guaranteed to start controversy. Which Linux distribution is best? It all depends on your criteria for judging. Even then the topic is highly subjective. Here are a few nominees for "best distro" in specific categories.
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RE[3]: Comment by marcp
by Soulbender on Wed 24th Oct 2012 07:05 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by marcp"
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RPM's are not bad per say, its just that yum or apt for rpm gives to deadrat sorry I mean redhat the exact same functionality that Debian has had from the start

So...what? That has nothing to do with the RPM format itself.
Also, Debian didn't have APT from the start. First APT release was in 1998.

Red Hat and Debian both need to man up and sit down and form a new package management system which combines both of their systems into 1.

Why? Both deb and rpm gets the job done pretty much equally well.

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