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Windows Interesting little tidbit from the Reddit AMA session with Microsoft's Surface team. One Redditor wondered just how much disk space Windows RT takes up - in other words, if you buy the 32GB Surface RT tablet, how much space is left for your stuff? It turns out that while Windows 8 RT is considerably smaller than its Windows 7 x86 predecessor, it's still huge by mobile standards.
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RE[2]: Comment by marcp
by segedunum on Wed 24th Oct 2012 09:23 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by marcp"
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Um.. Where do they even call it an embedded system?

Well, it's clearly the sort of system that has different requirements to a desktop.

Mircosoft is trying to use the exact same platform for both portal computing devices and traditional notebooks and desktops...

They're going to fail. They've tried with this angle of putting Windows everywhere, and because Windows is on desktops everyone will use it everywhere else.

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