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Privacy, Security, Encryption "Last week, the Dutch Minister of Safety and Justice asked the Parliament of the Netherlands to pass a law allowing police to obtain warrants to do the following: install malware on targets’ private computers, conduct remote searches on local and foreign computers to collect evidence, and delete data on remote computers in order to disable the accessibility of 'illegal files'. Requesting assistance from the country where the targetted computer(s) were located would be 'preferred' but possibly not required. These proposals are alarming, could have extremely problematic consequences, and may violate European human rights law." You get true net neutrality with one hand, but this idiocy with another. This reminds me a lot of how some of our busy intersections are designed; by people who bike to city hall all their lives and have no clue what it's like to drive a car across their pretty but extremely confusing and hence dangerous intersections.
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Federal Trojan
by anda_skoa on Wed 24th Oct 2012 10:07 UTC
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The German authorities have one of those and might have used it already.

Its lack of security has been exposed numerous times by organisations like the CCC, yet politicians claim it cannot be abused.

Same thing would happen in this case, machines would be made vulnerable by organisations supposedly charged with keeping everyone safe. Irony

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