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Windows Interesting little tidbit from the Reddit AMA session with Microsoft's Surface team. One Redditor wondered just how much disk space Windows RT takes up - in other words, if you buy the 32GB Surface RT tablet, how much space is left for your stuff? It turns out that while Windows 8 RT is considerably smaller than its Windows 7 x86 predecessor, it's still huge by mobile standards.
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Re: More Android storage brain damage
by kurkosdr on Wed 24th Oct 2012 10:27 UTC
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Another form of Android storage brain damage is the cooliris thumbnail cache (cooliris is the company Google subcontracted the Gallery app to, or something like that).

The cache grows and grows until it reaches sizes of >1GB (if you have the phone for a year or more), even on days when you are not adding, moving or deleting files. For a company that is so skimpy when it comes to storage (the european Galaxy Nexus has only 16GB of storage), Google surely makes OSes that have a huge appetite for GBs.

BTW to fix this, plug your phone to your PC via USB, enable USB storage (or whatever you do to make /sdcard appear as a USB drive), delete the folder pictured above, disable USB storage, wait for Android to scan media, and then reboot. There, you just got >1GB of storage free, and without messing up anything (the Gallery isn't affected by this).

Generally, how could Google mess up thumbnails so much in Android? It's not rocket science, even Symbian S60v2 did it right. Android and it's default apps poop thumbnail caches pretty much everywhere (even inside the DCIM folder), and never clean them up.

Windows may take up more space when installing, but then it chews GBs much slower than Android.

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