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Windows "After using Microsoft's Surface for the past week I can say that I honestly get it. This isn't an iPad competitor, nor is it an Android tablet competitor. It truly is something different. A unique perspective, not necessarily the right one, but a different one that will definitely resonate well with some (not all) users." AnandTech's review is positive, because they focus on Surface's potential.
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RE: Comment by stooovie
by Nelson on Wed 24th Oct 2012 23:38 UTC in reply to "Comment by stooovie"
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There's a clear difference: You can see the road in front of you with Windows. Not so much with webOS backed by HP much less RIM.

It is a given that the Windows ecosystem will grow apps. It is a given that stock apps will be updated (and they have been, numerous times since RTM). It is a given that Microsoft isn't going to disappear tomorrow (not so much for RIM, and HP doesn't know what its doing).

There is a lot less uncertainty with a Surface and with Microsoft's ecosystem to even warrant a comparison.

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