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Legal Yet another loss for Apple in Europe - Dutch courts have just ruled in favour of Samsung concerning supposed infringement of a patent detailing ignoring multiple touch inputs, affirming last year's provisional ruling. Apple asked for a ban on loads of Galaxy devices. However, the courts ruled that Samsung and Android do not infringe this patent, also referring to similar rulings in the UK and Germany where Apple lost on similar grounds, while also affirming the British judge's ruling that the patent in itself isn't 'inventive'. Apple has been ordered to pay all legal proceedings, too. In case you're wondering, you're not alone when it comes to pattern recognition: Apple's only true win so far has been in a jury trial in the US. Make of that what you will.
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by phoudoin on Thu 25th Oct 2012 08:14 UTC in reply to "Comment by jared_wilkes"
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They may have win legal battles, but they lost at least my pocket money *and* my trust.

A few months ago I was that close to buy an Mac Mini. But after 1) raising its price without nothing really new added (as they did again 2 days ago - there is a pattern here...) and 2) going frontally against everyone else claiming being the unique inventor of, well, everything all while cheating on tablet actual ratio, the green phone icon madness and so, they totally lost me.

I used to work on Macintosh circa '90 and a bit more during 2004-2005, but I can't stand their our way or the highway. A lot of old Apple users from MacOS times that I know express similar feeling, and only the new fans from the iDevice & co are clearly seeing this company as the best thing on earth.

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