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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone, one of its most prominent and most controversial features was the on-screen keyboard. In as world dominated by devices with physical keyboards, it was seen as a joke, something that could never work. We know better by now, of course, but while I still prefer the physical feel and clicks of a real keyboard, a recent new endeavour of mine has made me appreciate the on-screen keyboard in a whole new way.
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RE: Not only that..
by StephenBeDoper on Thu 25th Oct 2012 20:39 UTC in reply to "Not only that.."
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In fact, what I feel it becomes "killer" with virtual keyboards is how they can easily adapt to the task at hand. Simple stuff as changing the keyboard layout when typing email addresses (making @ easily reachable, for example) or removing the space bar when typing url addresses and having a handy ".com".

I have mixed feelings about the ".com" button. On one hand, I think it's a clever idea and (as you pointed out) one of the chief advantages of having a keyboard implemented in software. But on the other hand, it doesn't take into account that there are many places where ".com" isn't the most commonly-used TLD.

And yes, I know that most virtual keyboards let you tap-and-hold to get the net, org, and edu TLDs - but none of the virtual keyboards I've used have a .ca option. Being in Canada, most of domains I type in (either in URLs or EMail addresses) use the .ca TLD - making the ".com" key largely useless, at least for me.

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