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Windows "Microsoft today announced the global availability of its popular Windows operating system, Windows 8. Beginning Friday, Oct. 26, consumers and businesses worldwide will be able to experience all that Windows 8 has to offer, including a beautiful new user interface and a wide range of applications with the grand opening of the Windows Store." I'm still not clear on what '12:01 AM local time' means, but if it means it goes on sale in every country on 12:01 AM, I'll be buying in a bit over an hour!
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RE[7]: LOL
by WereCatf on Sat 27th Oct 2012 01:16 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: LOL"
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Not at all, my criticism wasn't directed toward you, it was for 1c3d0g and r_a_trip but replying to your comment was a reasonable place to make my own. Sorry if I gave you that impression.

Yeah, I misunderstood that your comment was directed at me. Nevermind then!

Just the opposite, I wish more people knew transsexuals and transvestites personally. Maybe then it would be harder to use them as the intolerant-example-du-jour.

Well, people have the tendency of using situations/behaviour/attributes they don't either understand or don't approve of as such examples. Not much you can do about it except educate people. Also, the whole globalization-thing we're going through with Internet and the likes is an entirely new phenomenon, meaning that old and new ideologies and cultural backgrounds can and will clash -- in a few hundred years when the globalization of ideas, ideologies and cultures isn't any longer such a new-fangled thing people will likely be somewhat more tolerant of things simply due to being bombarded constantly by new stuff on a daily basis and it being simply way too exhausting getting worked over every new thing.

Actually, one of the reasons why I like OSNews is because the members here seem to be somewhat more mature and experienced than on flashier, trendier tech - sites: you're still being surrounded by differing backgrounds and viewpoints quite often, but instead everyone going on a tangent and throwing up a personal shield against such people often go the opposite direction, absorbing these things. The occasional troll and, well, a "short-sighted" person is mostly an outlier, not the norm.

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