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Linux A new version of the real-time Linux scheduler called SCHED_DEADLINE has been released on the Linux Kernel Mailing List. For people who missed previous submissions, it consists of a new deadline-based CPU scheduler for the Linux kernel with bandwidth isolation (resource reservation) capabilities. It supports global/clustered multiprocessor scheduling through dynamic task migrations. This new version takes into account previous comments/suggestions and is aligned to the latest mainline kernel. A video about SCHED_DEADLINE is also available on YouTube.
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RE: Demo? Almost.
by Alfman on Sat 27th Oct 2012 03:56 UTC in reply to "Demo? Almost."
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Well, it probably boiled down to something as simple as them not having three cameras. I don't have any trouble believing it could do all three at the same time. Although they should have panned from one to the next.

Even a non-realtime kernel should have been able to handle those three tasks simultaneously without any trouble at all on an old 486. I'd be more impressed if the tasks demanded much harder real time restraints. And then executing them while compiling linux and browsing with firefox!

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