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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone, one of its most prominent and most controversial features was the on-screen keyboard. In as world dominated by devices with physical keyboards, it was seen as a joke, something that could never work. We know better by now, of course, but while I still prefer the physical feel and clicks of a real keyboard, a recent new endeavour of mine has made me appreciate the on-screen keyboard in a whole new way.
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The future of onscreen keyboards
by spiderman on Sat 27th Oct 2012 21:40 UTC
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I have a lot of interest in onscreen keyboards and I am a contributor of the Florence Virtual Keyboard project:
I believe there is a lot of things to improve and that our current onscreen keyboards suck.
Koreans have it easy but Chinese must use methods like pinyin and wubi which require training. I am currently working on a new input method for Florence where the user could just draw the glyph and it would input a character.
Development is slow and there are a lot of problems to overcome (GNOME desktop instability, patents to work around, lack of funding, etc) but I believe we can make something better than what currently exists.
For latin input, I like dasher. With good training, it's much more effective than an onscreen keyboard.

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