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General Development "This website is here to guide you through the process of developing very basic operating systems on the Raspberry Pi! This website is aimed at people aged 16 and upwards, although younger readers may still find some of it accessible, particularly with assistance. More lessons may be added to this course in time." From the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge, one of the institutions behind the Raspberry Pi. Amazing resource.
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RE[4]: Aged 16 and upwards?
by viton on Sun 28th Oct 2012 22:37 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Aged 16 and upwards?"
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Then there's the spread of personal computers like ipads which cannot be programmed directly like the computers they're replacing.

I hope strict Apple/WinRT policies will be softened one day. But on Android there are no restrictions like this.
The natural "restriction" of coding on touch screen-based devices is the usability of current development environments. Keyboard/Mouse requirement is a rather poor solution. There are interesting concepts like "Lisping" nevertheless.

Many families still have access to unrestricted computers, but I worry that alot fewer will have access to them in the future going by today's trends.

The problem actually is only with native apps.
Right now web-apps development is possible even on iPad, and it will play a significant role in future.
If only WebGL worked on it... (Without JB)
Now you can write almost anything in javascript - like web-"operating system", WebGL game/demo, retro console emulator, graphics editor, etc
Even if you want to feel really "old-skool", there is something for you:

There are some online IDEs like or

The same could be done for native apps, where you can write with any device you have, build and test your app on several target devices at once with realtime video-feedback, then submit final build directly to your dev account. But I expect Apple's "SchutzStaffel" will tear such a service apart :-)

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