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Games I'm not 100% sure this is actually word-for-word, but alas. "In a presentation at Ubuntu Developer Summit currently going on in Denmark, Drew Bliss from Valve said that Linux is more viable than Windows 8 for gaming. Windows 8 ships with its own app store and it is moving away from an open platform model." I feel like a broken record by now but here we go again: keep an eye on Valve, even if you're not into games. This is the company pushing NVIDIA and AMD to improve their Linux support, with enough clout and name to actually get stuff done. Valve doesn't mess around.
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RE[5]: It's a Valve's game
by WereCatf on Tue 30th Oct 2012 20:23 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: It's a Valve's game"
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It isn't when you take long-term into account, something many people refuse to do here. Long-term, Windows is going Metro-only.

Thom, people aren't refusing to see the long-term plan, we are simply arguing the fact that no matter what Microsoft's plan for the future is doesn't make Windows 8 itself any more or less viable, it only makes the future versions less viable. What happens in the future happens in the future, and what we have right now is Windows 8 -- something that works just as well and peachy as its predecessor.

You're confusing long-term plans with the present.

Which is exactly why Valve is working with AMD, NVIDIA, and others. The breakage is not something that's unstoppable or insurmountable - just look at Android.

That comparison is dysfunctional. Android comes as a whole OS and you don't arbitrarily update parts of it, whereas under GNU/Linux the OS consists of thousands of individual packages, each of which can be updated separately. It's a whole lot easier to keep the one, large bundle functional without breakages than one that consists of so many small things and that keeps changing on a daily basis.

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