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Windows Steve Ballmer has just announced that in the first three days of being on sale, more than 4 million people have bought the Windows 8 upgrade. This doesn't count OEM installations or Microsoft's own Surface - just individual upgrades. Definitely a promising start for Windows 8, but then, these are most likely enthusiasts (I'm one of those four million), so we still don't know a whole lot. I'm patiently waiting for the response from regular consumers.
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RE[4]: WindowzzZ
by Morgan on Wed 31st Oct 2012 09:34 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: WindowzzZ"
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Oh, really? I don't know this guy, but he is NOT being aggressive in his post [he is just expressing his own thoughts on the subject], while user Morgan was ... Just take a look at his post and the ending.

I know you've already spoken directly to me below, but since you keep bringing me up, I felt I should respond. I countered his take that Windows has severe latency problems with my own experiences on the matter. I said the word "hell" which is not even PG rated in most media. That's what people do on a discussion forum: They discuss things! I know it's a novel concept for you but you'll get the hang of it soon enough.

That being said, I'm not shocked that the original poster did not want to reply to this. He's probobly affraid of being attacked again.

I don't think he's afraid of anything; my past experience with talking to him has been that he is anything from dismissive to rude depending on the subject matter. He also tends to babble way off subject at times.

The real problem are people who bash others and call everyone a troll almost immediately. THAT looks like trolling to me.

Like you did to me below? Tit for tat, my friend.

P.S swearing is such a weak thing. Could you please stop doing this? show your dignity and don't swear in public.

OOPS! I said "tit" above, I hope I didn't burst your virgin ears with that one. First of all, if cursing were a problem here there would be a swear filter. The occasional expletive isn't going to kill anyone, and if someone doesn't want to see it there are plugins for all the major browsers that cover it. Instead of being passive-aggressive and telling others what to do, why don't you get off your virtual ass and install a filter if you object to it that much?

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