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Windows Steve Ballmer has just announced that in the first three days of being on sale, more than 4 million people have bought the Windows 8 upgrade. This doesn't count OEM installations or Microsoft's own Surface - just individual upgrades. Definitely a promising start for Windows 8, but then, these are most likely enthusiasts (I'm one of those four million), so we still don't know a whole lot. I'm patiently waiting for the response from regular consumers.
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RE[6]: WindowzzZ
by Morgan on Wed 31st Oct 2012 14:07 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: WindowzzZ"
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And now I know without a doubt I'm being trolled.

I'm observing you for quite some time and you're just almost always like this: you reply to posts with such repulsive manner. People are not your enemies, but fellow human beings.

That's just plain creepy. I suppose I have a new stalker then. But if you've really "been observing" me for a while you'd know that that is simply not true. I am an easygoing person who is easy to get along with, but I'm not afraid to call out bullshit when I see it. I also respond in kind when I'm attacked, though lately I've been as keen to ignore the discussion when it reaches that point.

99 times out of 100, if you see me being defensive it's exactly that: A defensive posture against someone who chooses the low ground first. Also, people can engage in a friendly but heated discussion with no ill will towards one another. I have several "friends and fans" on here (check my profile -- oh wait, you've got a poster of it on your wall!) who I've had some lively discussions with but we get along fine.

Anyway, since you've outed yourself you should savor this post as it's the last time I'll ever respond to you.

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