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Games I'm not 100% sure this is actually word-for-word, but alas. "In a presentation at Ubuntu Developer Summit currently going on in Denmark, Drew Bliss from Valve said that Linux is more viable than Windows 8 for gaming. Windows 8 ships with its own app store and it is moving away from an open platform model." I feel like a broken record by now but here we go again: keep an eye on Valve, even if you're not into games. This is the company pushing NVIDIA and AMD to improve their Linux support, with enough clout and name to actually get stuff done. Valve doesn't mess around.
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RE[5]: wine/crossover
by WereCatf on Thu 1st Nov 2012 21:25 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: wine/crossover"
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and I can tell you that Steam is having to do a LOT of patching just to keep me up to date, heck TF 2 probably gets patches 3 or more times a week from what I've seen.

How the heck do you get updates so often? I have ~150 games on my collection and I receive updates only about twice a month.

I can't say anything about Windows accounts since i just built my boys their own machines, but I assume you just log out of your account and the other person logs in with theirs, yes?

Let's say user1 logs into Windows, and then logs into Steam with user1steam - account. He plays a while, then logs out of Windows, and user2 logs in. When user2 logs in to Windows and fires up Steam Steam still tries to log in as user1steam instead of noticing that it's an entirely different user account that's in use now.

That is terribly annoying on a computer that is used by multiple people.

I can understand why they ignore user accounts though, MSFT has never been friendly about tying things to Windows login, which is why so many corps have to use login scripts.

It's got nothing to do with MSFT or login scripts. As I said, I have ~150 games in my Steam collection and most of them honor the user accounts - thing just fine. Steam, on the other hand, is still stuck in the Windows '95 - days.

But if you have some good ideas please share them with valve

I have, and that is actually one thing I've seen quite a few other people wanting, too, but Valve just hasn't seemed too interested in having to re-work most of their client. I understand it's a lot of work, but still, I hope they'll come around to it some day.

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