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Mac OS X "Since Apple has announced the Fusion drive, people have wondered if it's possible to use the fusion drive on older machines with a SSD and HDD." Fun with Core Storage (via John Siracusa).
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RE[2]: HFS fail
by redshift on Fri 2nd Nov 2012 01:37 UTC in reply to "RE: HFS fail"
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I have some worries about the data on your disk, your HFS+ data will be in my prayers every night.

I like the way Apple uses its file system.... but in doing so the filesystem itself has been stretched well beyond what anyone imagined it would be. Tacking on lots of nice modern features has kept it limping along, but it really should be redone from the ground up with something modern and solid.

I was hoping for ZFS to become their default, but it is not going to happen beyond the support they have now. They also hired the author of BeOS's filesystem an few years ago, and I thought they would have him create something nice for them... but so far HFS+ is all we get.

At this point NTFS with their custom meta data applied would be an improvement over what they have.

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