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Windows "Taiwanese computer maker Acer is putting off the launch of tablets using Microsoft's new Windows RT operating system to give itself time to see how Microsoft's own Surface tablet fares. The world's No. 4 PC vendor by shipments initially planned to roll out Windows RT tablets based on ARM chips early next year. However, the launch of Microsoft's tablet last week and the mixed reviews it has drawn has prompted Acer to wait and see until at least the second quarter of 2013." Whatever the reason, this doesn't send a very promising message about Windows RT. Or, not entirely unlikely, Acer and other OEMs just can't measure up to Surface RT.
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Actually I prefer AMD over Intel, but sadly the former CEO practically executed the company so they will probably be out for at least a couple of years, if they survive that long.

As far as numbers I've simply been reading up on new chips, its something I like and since I build some HTPCs and other low power units i like to know what is coming down the pipe. Here is a good overview of what we are looking at with Haswell.

Basically it appears they have solved a good portion of the power by having "active sleep" which will allow it to idle while still doing useful work, like say getting calls and emails.

And as you can see they are taking a SERIOUS active role in not only the speed side but even sinking money into the IGP, something Intel has been pretty poor for most of its history.

So in either case it should be interesting. You think ARM will win, I think the combo of tick tock and just plain old fashioned throwing brains and money at the problem with pull Intel ahead, in any case it'll be great for us users, its a win either way.

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