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Games I'm not 100% sure this is actually word-for-word, but alas. "In a presentation at Ubuntu Developer Summit currently going on in Denmark, Drew Bliss from Valve said that Linux is more viable than Windows 8 for gaming. Windows 8 ships with its own app store and it is moving away from an open platform model." I feel like a broken record by now but here we go again: keep an eye on Valve, even if you're not into games. This is the company pushing NVIDIA and AMD to improve their Linux support, with enough clout and name to actually get stuff done. Valve doesn't mess around.
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RE[7]: wine/crossover
by WereCatf on Fri 2nd Nov 2012 12:35 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: wine/crossover"
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plus many of my games have MP elements and those naturally get more updates to keep cheaters out.

Maybe that's the reason. I don't generally like multiplayer, I'm more interested in the story. I just wish there were more games that could be played through cooperatively, then I'd actually have a reason to buy multiple copies.

Wow..150 huh? And I thought I liked the Steam sales!

Yeah, I've been using Steam since 2010 or so, and I have just kind of bought everything even remotely interesting whenever there's a large sales. Then again, I never buy games when they've just launched.

And I didn't know that about accounts, but I've never had to share a PC so there ya go. Nice thing about working at a PC shop, really not hard to get my hands on plenty of parts.

I'm kind of jealous about that :/ I like recycling PC-parts; I try to scrounge up parts whenever I can, build this or that out of them and then donate the outcome to anyone who has use for it. It's a fun hobby, not to mention quite useful for the other people.

You ARE doing a full log off, not user switching?

Yes. I wouldn't say "log off" unless I meant that.

But as I said it would be tricky to do smooth, they would have to catch the Windows log off, stall it logging off long enough for IT to log off, then switch.

I just googled it. It doesn't seem hard to do, there's hundreds of examples of this.

Again not as simple as Valve doing it for you, but you should be able to cook up a simple script and have it run on log off. here is the page with the switches for Steam..

Aye, I noticed there's a command-line option that could be used when the user logs in. Since I have no better solution I guess I'll use that. Thanks for the link, though, I hadn't thought of using command-line options.

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