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Google "The Nexus 4 is absolutely wonderful, but it's also vexing. Frustrating. Annoying. It's easily the best Android phone on the market right now, and has some of the most powerful software that's ever been put on a mobile phone. It's an upgrade from last year's Galaxy Nexus in every way. It's terrific - save for one small thing. " Lack of LTE, obviously. Bigger issue for me as a European: glass back. Apparently it cracks. Who'da thunk?
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RE: Glass back is good
by Neolander on Sat 3rd Nov 2012 06:47 UTC in reply to "Glass back is good"
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Glass is great for phones. It doesn't scratch or end up looking like crap like coated aluminum or plastic. You know what the secret is for not cracking it? Don't be careless with your stuff. It's not that hard.

Strange, my experience with portable devices (not just phones) is the reverse: every glassy screen that has went through my hand tends to accumulate a fair amount of scratches, while cheaper plastic stuff has mostly survived unharmed, save for the nice but fragile grip coating that some constructors tend to put on them, which can wear out quickly in the corners which the thing falls on very often. Or when I accidentally put the thing in a puddle of acetone while working in the lab... :/

Never cracked a glass screen so far either, but then I wouldn't buy devices with large glass panes either. Sounds way too fragile for something which I am going to use daily. All sorts of claims have been made regarding Corning's glass superior strength, but so far what I have seen on videos is mostly toughened glass like they put on cars: it will break anyway, just with the desirable asset of not sending flying chunks everywhere.

Technology is here to adapt to human beings, not the reverse in my opinion. If some company release a product that is designed to be carried around everywhere, spilled hot coffee on, dropped accidentally, fallen upon and whatnot, then they better make it bullet-proof, especially if it gets really pricey like a high-end laptop or cellphone.

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