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OpenBSD Theo de Raadt has announced the release of OpenBSD 5.2. The OpenBSD 5.2 release page has a detailed list of all changes and improvements. As always, I would love for someone to write proper items about OpenBSD releases - it's outside my interests and cursory glances don't do it justice.
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RE: disk encryption
by Surtur on Sat 3rd Nov 2012 22:12 UTC in reply to "disk encryption"
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For this very secure operating system, it is disappointing that it does not even offer disk encryption in the installer.

Full-disk encryption is probably not even possible.

Not to long ago this source change showed up:

As I read this commit booting from softraids should now be possible in -current. Therefore if I understand this correctly Full-disk encryption is now possible (though not in the just released 5.2).

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