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Google "The Nexus 4 is absolutely wonderful, but it's also vexing. Frustrating. Annoying. It's easily the best Android phone on the market right now, and has some of the most powerful software that's ever been put on a mobile phone. It's an upgrade from last year's Galaxy Nexus in every way. It's terrific - save for one small thing. " Lack of LTE, obviously. Bigger issue for me as a European: glass back. Apparently it cracks. Who'da thunk?
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Quite meh
by WereCatf on Sun 4th Nov 2012 00:59 UTC
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I don't see anything interesting or compelling about the Nexus 4; it doesn't offer any unique features, its camera is quite average, it looks extremely bland... In fact, I find the looks of it quite unsightly. Unmodified, fully stock Android just isn't a big deal, either, as most phones can be rooted and then you can install a similarly stock Android on them. Oh, and glass back is something that I definitely do not like, it's way, way too slippery.

What would get me excited? Well, let's see:
* MeeGo as the OS.
* Similarly-sized screen as the Galaxy Note.
* 720p is fine as long as the colour balance and representation are good. And contrast.
* A hardware keyboard that can be hidden inside the phone, similar to e.g. the N900.
* Good low-light performance of both of the cameras -- I spend most of my time indoors where the lighting isn't always optimal, and here in Finland there's only a few, precious hours of daylight anyways most of the year.
* 32GB storage.
* Rubber-/silicone-like back so as to avoid it being slippery. No hard plastics or glass or such.
* Looks similar to e.g. Nokia's Lumia-series.
* A high-quality dock with atleast 3 USB-ports, DVI-D and HDMI outputs (not just HDMI like on so many other docks), SD/MMC reader, built-in HDD, and 5.1 audio.

And preferably, but not a hard requirement:
* A proper digitizer as the Galaxy Note has.

Weight or thickness are not issues for me. I don't like the trend of trading features and quality for low weight or a very thin frame.

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