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BeOS & Derivatives Some good stuff from Begeistert 026, the recurring get-together for BeOS and now Haiku programmers. A lot of work is being done on the debugger, the Auckland Layout Editor (which sounds very impressive), and the Haiku port to ARM. Haiku on ARM is getting closer and closer to booting - for now it ends up in Kernel Debugging Land (a kernel panic).
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RE: What happened?
by umccullough on Mon 5th Nov 2012 19:36 UTC in reply to "What happened?"
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So, what happened to this project? There was an alpha release a year or two ago, and then nothing. At the time I tried it on my netbook, it worked fine for the most part but was useless for me because it didn't support WPA wifi.

Clearly, you simply didn't follow the project.

There have been 3 alpha releases thus far and WPA support has been enabled by default in the nightly images for at least a year now I think.

Just because you didn't read about it on OSNews doesn't mean there hasn't been progress...

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