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Google "Google's quest to guess what we want before we want it has produced an unusual side effect: a disparity in the results the company presents about the presidential candidates. A Wall Street Journal examination found that the search engine often customizes the results of people who have recently searched for 'Obama' - but not those who have recently searched for 'Romney'." A confirmation bias' wet dream, this. The confirmation bias is already one of the root psychological causes of much of the problems in the world as it is - we really shouldn't have technology companies make it worse. Technology - and more specifically, the internet - should fight this bias, not affirm it.
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Well that was why I said "Huh?", I was hoping I misread your post. ;)

Keep in mind though, that Google not only records and analyzes your IP address and search query, they also grab your user agent string and place a cookie on your system. Combined, they can use this information to track a specific machine even inside a NAT enabled network, unless you use private browsing to block the cookies as well as a method to obfuscate or randomize your user agent string.

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