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Apple Another Apple-to-switch-Macs-to-ARM post. "Apple engineers have grown confident that the chip designs used for its mobile devices will one day be powerful enough to run its desktops and laptops, said three people with knowledge of the work, who asked to remain anonymous because the plans are confidential. Apple began using Intel chips for Macs in 2005." No idea when Apple will make the switch, but they will do it. I'm thinking 5-10 year timeframe.
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Imagine a computer with twenty or so ARM Chips working in tandem. AMD has already developed such a system based upon ARM, using dozens of ARM cpu's. Megahertz will not be an issue. This will ultimately lead to a MacOS with full compatibility with iOS apps. Effectively the two operating systems will be merged this way. As for Compatibilty with legacy windows Apps... Microsoft doesnt seem to care anyome, so why should Apple. for Microsoft it's do or die. For Apple it's evolve and fly. I was mistaken in my Assertion that Apple "Invented" ARM. I can say that they saw the future coming, almost twenty years in advance....Wow.

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