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Apple "Earlier this week Apple fired Scott Forstall, the architect of its iOS platform, and handed his duties over to the company's chief industrial designer, Jonathan Ive. Ive and Forstall had an infamously chilly working relationship, and one of their biggest disagreements was over the role of so-called 'skeuomorphic' design in Apple's products. Forstall, like his mentor Steve Jobs, favored it; Ive disliked it. To many observers, Forstall's forced exit looks like a vindication of Ive's stance. But if he wants to continue Apple's enviable trend of innovation, he'd be a fool to throw the baby of skeuomorphism out with Forstall's bathwater." Hoped for a thorough article on the benefits of skeuomorphism - got the age-old and intrinsically invalid excuse 'because it sells'. Windows isn't he best desktop operating system because it sells so well. Lady Gaga isn't the best artist because she sells a lot of records. This argument is never valid, has zero value, and adds nothing to what should be an interesting discussion.
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I have yet to see a single person suggest that advertising simply doesn't work on them period, or any other person. Nobody has claimed advertising is entirely ineffective. You're not even offering anything new. I myself have stated that advertising works to varying degrees.

Also, the subconscious has been greatly studied. It's not some mystical thing that nobody knows anything about.

Lastly, advertising dollars spent per year adds up to a tremendous amount of money -- you are right about that. But, you are wrong about why. The use of advertising as a tool to manipulate and influence is not an exact science. Every single campaign is trial & error. Running identical campaigns always produces different results. Why do you think that is?

The subconscious is something that most people do not understand and what I know is limited because psychology is not my field. My point is that the general populous do not understand that they are not in control of their subconscious and that this is one of the conduits marketers use to 'get in your head', so they say.

Extended point: people think they are in control of their own mind, when they are not as in control as they feel they are. If I'm 'not offering anything new' it may because you are not getting my point.

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