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In the News The desktop and laptop world is dominated by x86, the mobile/embedded world by ARM. Conventional wisdom, right? Not really. There's also MIPS - hundreds of millions of embedded devices run on MIPS, and for years now, the architecture has been trying to break into the mobile world dominated so much by ARM. They just a got a boost: MIPS has been acquired by Imagination Tech, most known for its PowerVR graphics chips used in a lot of smartphones and tablets.
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by Neolander on Wed 7th Nov 2012 07:57 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by strim"
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Sure, and in other news, Apple could ask App Store devs to pay 1200$/year and steal 80% of their profits and the average sheep would still buy iOS stuff as long as his favorite fart app remains available on it.

This is a geeky website, so we put higher importance on stuff which geeks care about. No need to bring up the average guy argument of "only thing that matters in the end is whether it will sell" on a discussion about MIPS manuals, after all Joe Sixpack has probably never even seen the MIPS name somewhere anyway.

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