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Microsoft Bart Eppenauer, Microsoft's chief patent guy, in an interview with The Verge: "We believe our patent laws have served the country very well." Loosely translated, this reads: "This system that gives me my six-figure income and is a fine anti-competitive tool for my company have served me and my company well, the damage to the industry be damned."
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RE: haha LOL
by ikidunot on Thu 8th Nov 2012 04:31 UTC in reply to "haha LOL"
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Of course it has helped! The billions US companies get in uneaned income from licensing BS is about all that is keeping the country afloat.

The so called "Free Trade Agreements" the US has forced on a lot of countries around the world is all about blocking commerce unless some US company gets a cut.

Patents and such are not going away any time ever. The US economy would sink like the Titanic and for the same reasons.

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