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FreeBSD "I've made clang the default on x86 systems. There will probably be a few bumps as we work out the last kinks including a ABI issue for i386 system libraries, but the transition is expected to be fairly smooth for most users."
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RE: why?
by ideasman42 on Thu 8th Nov 2012 04:56 UTC in reply to "why?"
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clang is really very good compiler, though I think you're right - its a licensing issue, at the moment I wouldn't say clang is a better compiler.

For C, they both do well, for C++, clang is still not 100%.

And on both C/C++ clang misses OpenMP, which may be a big deal if you're using that a lot.

I do benchmarks once in a while and for me - (testing cycles-raytracer), clang is still slower then gcc (5-10%), and has been for over a year.

IMHO the advantage is more with is ability to integrate with IDE's and be used as a library. - clang/python for example is pretty nice, though focused on IDE's rather then giving you access to all info.

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