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Google Back when I reviewed the Nexus 7, I mentioned that I was disappointed with Chrome for Android. It often felt slow, would hang, and typing in the address bar and input fields on webpages would lag. Scrolling wasn't always optimal, and sometimes, it would simply freeze up altogether. We're several months down the line now - has the situation improved for me?
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RE: Firefox?
by Morgan on Thu 8th Nov 2012 07:40 UTC in reply to "Firefox?"
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On my Transformer, I got in the habit of using the built in browser for most sites, Chrome for certain sites that rendered better in it, and Firefox specifically for as it automatically resizes forum images correctly. The other two had issues with that, though Chrome worked on a few other forum sites. The built in browser was terrible at most forums I frequent.

When I was testing a Nexus S with ICS and then JB, it was even worse. Chrome was terribly slow, and while Firefox wasn't any faster than the built in browser it did render sites better most of the time.

If I decide to get a Galaxy Note 2 next year to replace my WP7 phone, I'll be curious to see the state of Chrome by then. Everything I've read about the Note 2 indicates that I may not even need an add-on browser unless I want bookmark sync, and in that case I'd stick with Firefox.

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