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OpenBSD Theo de Raadt has announced the release of OpenBSD 5.2. The OpenBSD 5.2 release page has a detailed list of all changes and improvements. As always, I would love for someone to write proper items about OpenBSD releases - it's outside my interests and cursory glances don't do it justice.
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RE[4]: Documentation
by Neolander on Thu 8th Nov 2012 08:14 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Documentation"
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PS. Generally, quite many French ones, what about that? ;p

At some point in the 80s, our government decided that investing in computer science was critical and brought massive amounts of Thomson MO5 and TO7/70 computers to middle schools, together with new programmes that featured programming courses.

Might be a remainder of that era, or just misplaced nationalism.

And OMZ, GOTO++?! If that's what I think it is, it could be... brilliant ;)

Object-oriented GOTOs ? How would that work ? ;)

But seriously, with relative prevalence of Chinese on that list, one might wonder if that's not a song of things to come in ~computing...

Like, tonal programming languages and 7% less female programmer births per year? Well, sucks... ;)

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