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Microsoft Bart Eppenauer, Microsoft's chief patent guy, in an interview with The Verge: "We believe our patent laws have served the country very well." Loosely translated, this reads: "This system that gives me my six-figure income and is a fine anti-competitive tool for my company have served me and my company well, the damage to the industry be damned."
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RE: WHY....
by madgabz on Thu 8th Nov 2012 08:33 UTC in reply to "WHY...."
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Seriously, Thom, if you want to portrait the wrongdoings of the american (and global) patent system, stop RANTING FGS! I see more and more of these news items, news that are ONLY published because you use it to get a load of your chest!
IF you want true constructive criticism, please at least let the guy speak, hes been in the system for many years! He MIGHT put a different spin on whatever reasons there might be to keep the current system.
Grow up! i read less and less from osnews these days, because it gets boring and rather tedious to be confronted by the very same attitude your actually trying to confront (..I think), and about 1/3 of all news items contains these dragged-in-from-obscure-parts-of-it-scene-because-im-pissed-off-items.

Mind you, i'm not trying to slack you off!

In good faith,

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