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Windows Microsoft is discontinuing Windows Live Messenger in 1st quarter 2013, forcing users to switch to Skype. Most would want to switch to Skype anyway with its more advanced capabilities, and the switch makes sense to Microsoft, since they purchased Skype for $8.5 billion last year. However, the move may be seen as typical Redmondian high-handedness by those using Messenger with dial-up. Technically Skype works with dial-up but in practice most agree you really need broadband for decent use. Will everyone view Messenger as replaceable by Skype?
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Could it be fixed?
by Trenien on Thu 8th Nov 2012 10:18 UTC
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I mean, it feels as if skype's performances have just gotten worse within the last 2-3 years.

I'm a role-player but, with time, many of the people I play with have moved far away. We manage to somewhat gather once or twice a year, but there are always at least one or two who just can't be there.

Back in 2009, we decided to try to use skype to have a game together anyway. The main group was here in Europe, while one player was in Japan and the other in Australia (don't ask about the time difference, first time I had to wake up at 6AM to play a game...)
We didn't have a premium account, so we used a laptop for each of them - basically, we saw them and they saw us (except for the other guy playing through skype).
It worked incredibly fine. It really felt like they were here in the room with us. The only thing we had to keep in mind was for the DM not to let everyone speak at once, for that is just too much through skype.
One last thing: it worked nicely on windows, mac and linux (we're a pretty varied bunch).

Fast-forward to 2012: for the last year-year and a half, things have steadily gotten worse. We have the same games, but we keep losing connexions, more often than not, the only guy using it (the one in Japan came back) just can't use video, as it just gets bad even faster, the sound goes weird for no apparent reason.
Again, that's on any and all systems.

So I wonder exactly how ownership by microsoft is going to change that in the future. I must say, I'm not keeping my hopes up...

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